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Signs That Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

If you have arrived at this page, it is most likely that you are already suspicious of your spouse cheating on you.
Below describes some signs that might ascertain or debunk the hunch that you have.
  • Sharing lesser about events happening at work
  • Sudden need to work late for days and missing calls especially after working hours
  • Sudden increase in number of handphones / SIM cards
  • Sudden password-protection of handphone / computer without you knowing the password
  • Intimate SMSes in handphone inbox that are not sent by you
  • Tell-tale stains on underwear
  • Change in fashion style / paying more attention to outward appearance or suddenly using cologne / perfume
  • Sudden need to watch weight, be health conscious, turn vegetarian or start a new exercise regime
  • Sudden criticism of your looks or incapability for earning money or lack of romance
  • Requesting less sex than usual or refraining from it
  • Lesser interest in spending weekends with you or the children
  • Looking forward to work every morning.
  • Sudden display of expensive gifts from friends you didn't know about
  • Frequent company trips or getaways where spouses are not invited.
  • No longer inviting you to gatherings with friends

Here's also a link to a video from Razor.TV on some of the other obvious signs:
How to tell if your spouse is cheating (Cheating Spouses Part 5)

To sum up all the signs, the list can be further summarized into 3 general but simple points:
  • Sudden decrease in time, intimacy and interest in you
  • Sudden lack of information-sharing with you
  • Sudden change in behaviour or outward appearance
The list is non-exhaustive as there are many other references on the internet.
However, we also wish to affirm you that even though your spouse might have some of the signs above,
they can also be caused by normal circumstances such as mood swings or genuine changes in the working environment.

Hiring a private investigator in Singapore to quell your suspicion is not advised as a relationship needs trust to flourish. You should only do so if you are certain that your relationship has ended and that confrontation and divorce are the only ways out.
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