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Frequently Asked Questions of Private Investigators

Here, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that the general public might want to enquire about private investigators, which might come in handy in deciding on a particular investigation agency to consult, or answer a few puzzling queries.

1) So many private investigation agencies, which one should I find?

The best of way finding a good private investigation firm is through referral or your lawyers. You may Google it online, do your own research in online forums or personally check out the agency that suits your needs. Some are very adept in undertaking surveillance; while others are more into corporate or civil cases. There are also some agencies that are equally proficient in all types of investigation cases, so do call and check them out.

2) What should you be expecting from a private investigation agency?

Confidentiality of your information - a good and established private investigation agency must have this business ethic. The private investigators must never disclose your name to someone else, especially when the surveillance work has been uncovered as this might have negative repercussions indirectly or not.

3) Do I have to give any personal information to the private investigation agency?

You will only need to give the information of the target person or company when you have OFFICIALLY engaged the services of the company. You may consider giving your contact information such as your email address or contact number to receive any updates from the company.

4) Is it important for the company to have a license?

Yes, it is important for the company to have a Private Investigation Agency license.
You may check out the following links for more information pertaining to the Private Investigation Agency license.

Private Investigation Agency Licence

Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD)

5) What are the evidences that a private investigation agency may produce?

Videos, photographs, chain of custody documentation case report, professional opinion, court expert witness, etc. It is mainly subjected to the nature of your case requirements.

6) Is there a guaranteed result?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed result. It's either a positive or negative finding according to the case requirement.

Positive results indicates the presence of strong and relevant evidence on the person or company pertaining to the case objective during surveillance.

Negative results may imply that while under the surveillance time frame, there is insufficient evidence (or none at all) that is relevant to the case objective.

Usually a good private investigation agency will know where and how to find the required evidence and quote you an estimated timeframe that might be required for your case, depending on the nature of it.

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