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Data Recovery

Regardless of how you have lost your valuable data, our consultants who have more than 25 years of experience, are adept in recovering uncountable data loss cases that others deem impossible!

Our knowledge and experience are not restricted by any types of operating systems, data structures and storage media architectures. We have dealt with logical corruptions, firmware corruptions, computer virus corruptions, sabotage, hardware failures, RAID systems or even water and fire cases. We have recovered billions of bytes of valuable data from hard disks, floppy disks, tape cartridges, disc cartridges, servers, RAID systems, thumbdrives, memory cards and all kinds of storage media.

Data loss is not just a computer repair job, specialists with many years of know-how and experience will be your only hope in retrieving these valuable lost data! Most data owners are upset when they are unable to access their valuable data. Our trained technicians can advise and help minimise downtime.

We have received testimonials from Government departments, Universities, Multi National Corporations, Not-For-Profit Organisations, Small-Medium Enterprises and even individual. With our outstanding performance, our consultants were also featured in newspapers, magazines and were invited to be speakers at conferences.

We deal with the following storage media and more:
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Mobile Phones
  • RAID Systems
  • Memory Cards
  • CDs/DVDs
  • File Servers
  • External Storage


Are results guaranteed?

ANS: No. Similar to Private Investigations, data that we recover may not be relevant, corrupted or overwritten. Usual cases entail either a physical or logical issue. Logical issues such as corrupted partition tables / filesystems. Physical issues such as the faulty PCB boards may prevent data from being read. Worse, the read-write head in the hard disks may have crashed and might be causing physical scratches on the platter of the disk itself, erasing the layer on the hard disk where data has been written on.

Why not use freeware from the Internet to recover my data?

ANS: Every time you use these free programs which are downloaded from the Internet, if you do not know how to use them properly, you might cause the files to be irretrievable. Especially when the data has been unknowingly overwritten when the hard drive is plugged in normally to the machine running the free data recovery program.

What to do when I first discover missing data or drive failure?

ANS: Immediately shut down the computer. When you hear scraping or grinding sounds from the hard disk, do not attempt to even do the normal shut down procedure. It means that the read/write head has physically crashed and is scratching out the magnetic layer on the disk platter. Immediately switch off the main power to minimise further damage to the platter. Every one second that you continue leaving the hard disk powered on equals to millions of bytes being scratched out.

How is the recovered data delivered to me?

ANS: We recommend the client to bring along an additional storage media which is big enough (equal to or more than the size of data to be recovered) to store the recovered data.

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