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DP Quest IT Forensics

IT Forensics a.k.a. Cyber Forensics or Computer Forensics deals with the recovery or extraction of deleted/damaged important information from computer systems or storage media.

Computers are very much present and largely depended upon by everyone to help us simplify tasks and live easier lives. Even your mobile phone could be considered as a computer too. However, there are others out there who misuse and abuse the use of such tools for their own cause or to do harm onto others before deleting the evidence or reformatting their systems. Little do they know that the evidence is still present , even after such actions. Similarly, data that was thought to be lost can also be recovered from a damaged drive or a mobile phone.

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is a leading company that has various teams that specialise in Private Investigations and Cyber Investigations. Having these two fields going hand-in-hand allows a complete investigation service that is prepped for both traditional surveillance and digital evidence extraction. Our certified cyber investigators recover evidence that is forensically-sound and can be used in Court to help prove your case. All evidence found will be secured behind Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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DP Quest Investigation Consultancy understands the sensitivity pertaining to IT Forensics Investigations.

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