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Fake Merchandise, Counterfeit Goods Investigation

The spread and range of counterfeit goods has increased over the few years with more and more products being easily reproduced, all thanks to technological advancements and 'creative' minds. Fake merchandise or counterfeit goods affect business brand names and result in a loss of customers and profits, and eventually jobs on a wider scale. By conducting covert surveillance and investigation, DP Quest's private investigators are able to gather relevant evidence to help secure your brand.

DP Quest is experienced in handling investigations on fake distributors, associates, re-sellers or any other counterfeit businesses. Evidence findings and documentations by us are acceptable to be used in legal proceedings.

Our private investigators are able to assist you with the collection of evidence to enforce legal restraint or contract breech and compensation proceedings.

Fake merchandise or counterfeit goods investigation can be fairly sophisticated and different clients have different needs and requirements. The cost of the investigation work is based on the scope, sensitivity and complexity of the engagement.

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