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DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd is proud to be specially endorsed by Darutan Investigation Office (Japan)
Private Investigator

DP Quest is a recognised team of private investigators with a difference. Our investigators bring about a professional approach to your investigative needs, be it matrimonial, commercial, civil or cyber matters.

We emphasise on the TEAM aspect and never on individual investigators because every team member plays a part in delivering what you need.

From our understanding and empathetic consultants, coupled with an in-depth planning for the deployment of all activations, to a strong core of private investigators providing the driving force, we assure you the best in quality services to aid your requests.

Affirm your suspicions with our experienced Investigators

  • Our Rapid Response Team can start on your investigation immediately!
  • Large team of reliable and experienced full-time investigators for round-the-clock surveillance
  • 24 hours complimentary consultations
  • Strong familiarity with evidence requirements and witness testimonies in Court
  • Deployment of GPS tracking tools available
  • Certified Cyber Investigations department for decrypting and extracting emails, SMSes or recovering deleted photos and data
  • Full video surveillance is given for all activations
  • Clocking of man-hours only upon activation
  • Strong international networks for cross-border engagements
  • We proceed with the care and understanding of your needs

Know how to choose the right investigators in Singapore wisely.

We hope to be your 1-Stop Trusted Private Investigation Consultancy in Singapore.

Investigator Services

Matrimonial / Commercial
Investigator Services

Cyber Investigator Services


Our private investigators in Singapore provide an extensive range of services which deals with both matrimonial and commercial investigation cases. Such areas of services include investigations on child custodies, abuse or maintenance claims, missing persons, surveillance of family members, trademark infringements, as well as employee background checks for enterprises in Singapore.


We also provide a unique area of service in Singapore which specialises in cyber matters, complementing our Singapore private investigations and surveillance teams. Our cyber investigators are able to take on related cases such as email/SMS/IM harassments and data/identity thefts, whether personal or company-related. We also provide cyber investigations which deal with search and seizure warrants for digital evidence extractions, data recovery of deleted data or damaged storage media, as well as strict data erasure procedures for those who require data confidentiality in Singapore.

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